Door to door means, as long as the driver can safely and legally fit his truck into either the pick up or delivery location they will do so. HGV restrictions, residential restrictions, narrow streets, overhanging trees that might damage vehicles, are all factors that determine if the carrier can meet you at the required location. In cases where the carrier cannot get right to the desired location, the driver will coordinate meeting at a local car lot, WalMart etc.


Open transport is the most common choice for people transporting their vehicles. This is how dealerships transport their new vehicles from the factory. It is a significantly more affordable option. Enclosed transport is typically used for high-end vehicles. Enclosed transport offers extended ramps, lift gates and protection from the elements for low clearance vehicles that cannot be driven up the steeper ramps of a regular carrier. Enclosed transport is often with smaller trucks that offer a quicker service.


Matsons navigation is our shipping partner when transporting vehicles to and from Hawaii. Due to our large volume of clients, we receive a $200 discount off the regular boat fee. Capitol can organize the transport of your vehicle from anywhere in the country to the ports of Long Beach, CA, Oakland, CA, or Seattle, WA, to then be shipped onward to the port in Honolulu, HI. We can ship from several ports in the HI Islands to the same ports in the U.S. Capitol can also have a carrier pick up the vehicle at the port stateside and bring it to your chosen destination. Please contact Dakota or Cat for more information on shipping in and out of Hawaii.


Capitol Auto Transport is proud to offer our military personnel, both past and present, a $25 discount off of our fee. We will never take the discount off the fee the carrier makes. This can adversely affect them accepting the job.


Inoperable vehicles require specialized carriers with a winch to be able to safely load and unload the vehicle on and off the trailer. This service typically costs an extra $100-$150 in addition to the regular transport cost. Please let us know if your vehicle does not roll, brake and steer. Vehicles that neither roll or steer will require a flat bed or low-boy truck as well as the means to load and unload at pickup and delivery. Normally, cranes and forklift trucks are used.


Capitol Auto Transport offers our dealers, collectors, auctions and corporate relocators a considerable discount off of our fee. Establishing long term relationships based on trust is one of our goals here at Capitol. We are more than happy to provide business references from some of the dealers and auctions we work with on a regular basis. Why not give us a try?


Capitol Auto Transport is only paid for it's services after your vehicle is picked up. A credit/debit card is authorized the day before your vehicle is picked up to verify the funds are available. The card is charged when we have confirmation your vehicle is safely loaded onto the carrier. Beware brokers that ask for your credit card the second you book them. Charging the card immediately or charging your card when the vehicle is assigned to a carrier for pick up does NOT guarantee you that a truck will ever show up. It does, however, guarantee the phone sales rep earns his commission no matter what. Do not worry, your credit card company will always support you with a refund as the broker failed to provide the service you hired them for. Until your broker can name the carrier they would like to contract, proving they have done some work, DO NOT part with your card information.


Our reputaion is all we have! Capitol will NEVER knowingly hire a poor quality carrier just to make our fee. It's just not worth it to us. The carriers we work with must have a MINIMUM 90% industry rating. We check to make sure they have an active license and valid insurance before we consider working with them. All of this information is e-mailed to our clients BEFORE their vehicle is picked up.


Communication is the key! Everyone here at Capitol is committed to being as available as possible for our clients. If requested, Capitol will liase between the client and the carrier to facilitate a smooth experience. Generally speaking, drivers are notoriously poor communicators. To compensate for this, Capitol will keep in contact with the carriers dispatch office ,as well as the driver, to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding pick up and delivery schedules.