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We begin by recommending to every potential customer that you check our credentials before considering us as your auto transport partner.

We require only your written permission to begin scheduling a reliable carrier on your behalf.

Capitol does NOT require any credit card in advance. We will never ask you to sign a one-sided contract in our favor.

We will provide you options with carriers that we are happy to work with. The carrier will have full and current insurance, an active license and be industry rated 90% or higher. All of the carriers information and insurance will be e-mailed to you BEFORE the vehicle is picked up.

When we agree on a carrier, Capitol will ask for a credit/debit card to put on your file. This will be charged once the vehicle has been picked up by the truck.

The deposit is collected from the card ONLY when we have confirmation the vehicle has been loaded onto the carrier.

The carrier is paid in cash or with a cashiers check on delivery.

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It's a bidding system. Every vehicle that needs to get transported is listed on .  This is the site that all the carriers use to find loads to fill their trailers.

We determine our quotes by looking at the prices available to carriers on your route and assessing where we need to put you on the price list to make sure a reputable carrier will book the move.

If we do not offer a competitive rate, there is simply no need for a carrier to take a cheap car shipping job when they have other options paying better. 

There is no such thing as a carrier having a spare space that they are willing to move something cheaper in.  They fill their spaces with the vehicles that pay the best money.

We all use the same pool of carriers. No company has carriers that work for them cheaper than they work for anyone else. 

All the carriers we work with are 90% or higher rated, fully licensed and insured. They don't have any unresolved damage claims.

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