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1. Take your time. None of us are going anywhere, this is what we do! Beware anyone in a hurry to book you immediately.

2. Do some research BEFORE making a decision. Check out every company on the Better Business Bureau. Look at the rating and the number of complaints received. This is always a good indicator of a company's performance.

3.Double check everyone on YELP and the BBB. Get a feel for customer feedback. Good reviews are easy to fake, pay more attention to the bad ones. Beware green dots! This indicates the auto transport broker had to pay to get a five star review!

4.Avoid cheap car shipping prices, they do not exist. Our quote should fall in the middle to top of all the quotes you will receive. The ridiculously cheap quotes come from brokers very eager to get your credit card number right away. Your card will get charged right away. The broker gets his money and the car doesn't get shipped because the carriers won't accept cheap freight.

5.Be wary of guarantees and promises. Trucks driving hundreds and thousands across the country are subject to delays caused by weather, breakdowns or other customers not being ready for the truck. Anyone giving you promises and guarantees is merely telling you what you want to hear to get the elusive credit card deposit.

6.Request the carriers information, proof of license and insurance from your broker.You want to know exactly who is contracted by the auto transport broker to transport your vehicle.

1. DO NOT book with the cheapest car shipping price because it is the cheapest price. The best prices always seem to come from the worst companies.

2.Do not book with more than one auto transport company. If you do, you will create a bidding war where the opposing brokers will raise the price higher than the other company so they have the highest bid out to a carrier. This will artificially inflate your car shipping  price. All brokers list our vehicles on Carriers that see the same vehicle listed with multiple brokers will shy away from the load.

3.Never give your credit card number up front and never sign a contract. This will NOT be in your favor. Contracts often give the broker 30 days to ship your vehicle and should you wish to cancel, as the auto transport broker failed to perform, expect a cancelation fee!

4.DO NOT pay hidden car shipping fees, taxes and fuel surcharges, extra fees for insurance.THESE ARE REASONS TO EXTRACT MORE MONEY FROM THE CUSTOMER. They do not exist. Insurance is required by law and is standard for every carrier.

5.DO NOT ignore the Bill of Lading. This is the single most important document when transporting a vehicle. Please make sure your driver does a thorough vehicle inspection on pick up and delivery. In the unlikely event of damage, it is this document that holds the key to satisfaction should we need to claim on the carrier's insurance. We advise, if possible, to take pictures of the vehicle at pick up. The driver will be very careful around your vehicle, as he knows you have irrefutable proof of it's condition.

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